Clean Your space

“Healthy space, Healthy vibes , Healthy mind !”

I’m cleaning my space , I need more healthy aura . 

I’m visiting more places which feeds my soul with good energies .

My Home , My mom’s Home …

Every person who came once in this place tell us that there’s something peaceful in our home … A peaceful aura … I confirm.

Lately , my room was probably the less peaceful space of this home (lol) . But, it’s ok now, I cleaned it .

I’m spending so much time in my room (most of the time it’s when there’s someone in the living room) . I like to be alone into a space … just me facing my self and the surrounding energy of the space I’m in . 

My Yoga club … 

Recently , some months ago , I started practicing yoga again (probably longer and better than I ever did in my previous tries). I started attending yoga classes twice a month and the remaining days , I’m trying to keep alive my commitment to the practice, at home . 

I don’t like routines so doing the same activities repeatedly can bored me quick but this time I kind of find my balance (hope for good) . 

So my yoga club, “Oasis Yoga Club” is such a beautiful place as much in the aesthetic than in the energy spread there. I found a second home … I guess .

Actually, they are my two places to be, the spaces where i like to spend my time .  

Your surrounding can impact your vibes so be careful with who and where you spend your time. 

I’m glad that more and more in my life , I’m attracting the kind of surrounding that feed positively my energy and makes me feel happy to still be alive. 

I’m Grateful for my past which taught me a lot and keep doing it . I’m grateful for my present … 

… Living in the moment is such a grace that some people struggles to reach .


“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”― Lao Tzu



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